Jeeves Car Cleaning is an Edinburgh based mobile car cleaning company.

Specialising in regular car cleaning programmes. With over 30 years experience in customer care the service we offer is second to none.

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One Off Valet

Whether preparing your car for resale or returning it to the lease company, a one off valet greatly enhances the cars profitability and in the case of lease return reduces penalty costs.

We offer a selection of services including:

An Interior only valet (see prices below)

An Exterior only valet (see prices below)

Or a combined Interior & Exterior valet of which there are 3 levels to choose from
(prices available in our Initial Valet section)

Note: All prices shown ex. VAT @ 20%


(Car) – £71.50   (4×4) – £82.50

  • Clean all glass. (*Exterior glass also cleaned to benefit from interior cleaning.)
  • Thorough vacuum to carpets
  • Full shampoo to carpets and over mats.
  • Full leather clean (where applicable)
  • Full shampoo to cloth seats (where applicable)
  • Clean dash and facia.
  • Supply heavy Jeeves paper floor mats to protect carpet until dry.


(Car) – £66     (4×4) – £71.50

One Off Valet Exterior

  • Wash exterior.
  • Alloy wheel clean.
  • Tyres clean and redress.
  • Clean exterior glass.
  • Remove all road tar prior to wax.
  • Full wax polish.

 N.B. It is occasionally necessary to charge a supplement if the vehicle is in a particular need of e.g. heavy road tar removal, plant chlorophyll staining to paint finish (very common if vehicle is parked under trees) or heavy staining to interior seats or carpets.